Sunday, 20 July 12:00 noon

Directions to Rally Point - Lake George Battlefield Park, Lake George, New York


From Albany take I87 "Northway" toward Montreal to exit 21 (Lake Luzerne/Lake George)

There is some parking at the loop, and a somewhat larger parking area about a hundred yards back along the park road, near the remaining ruins of Fort George. In the event of inclement weather, we will try to meet in the covered pavilion located near the loop.

Because the recent scout took place on a rainy weekend at the end of May, there's no way of knowing how crowded the park will be in the height of summer. Lake George on a summer weekend can be a zoo.

You can also try parking at Fort William Henry itself, which will be our second location in Lake George Village. The entrance is on Rte 9/9N between the Lake George Road and Beach Road turning points. If you park there, you will have to walk to the Battlefield Park, perhaps ½ mile to the east of the Fort.

If there's no parking available in the park itself, or at the fort, be resourceful and disperse the vehicles. Proceed to the statue of Johnson and Hendrick on foot.

Map of the region

Map of Lake George Village


Fort William Henry

Fort William Henry is located in Lake George Village within sight of the Rally Point at Lake George Battlefield Park. There is a large parking lot for the fort located on Rte 9/9N just before the second light (Beach Road). With luck, we intend to move from the Battlefield Park to the fort itself by car. If parking is a serious problem, however, we may opt to leave the transport wherever they are and proceed to the fort on foot.

Following the proceedings in Lake George Village, participants are encouraged to proceed to the campground at Putnam Pond.



There are two ways to proceed to Putnam Pond Campground:

1. The fast route:


2. The scenic route:

Map and directions to Putnam Pond Campground


Directions to Tiroga Beach: ROGERS ROCK

The location is the Ticonderoga town beach, which is about fifty feet wide (maybe 55). It is one of the few places on dry land where a good view of Rogers Rock is to be found. We spoke to a local who was there, and she didn't think we'd pose a problem gathering there for presentations, but we should be extra sensitive to any locals and it would probably be a good idea to travel in as few cars as possible.

There is a small parking area on the left. The "beach" is a fenced off area next to the parking lot.


Directions to Fort Carillon


Directions to The View Restaurant in Hague, New York (Tuesday evening, 22 July)

You will pass the Ticonderoga Country Club. If you have a moment, find a place to stop and look out across the Golf Course to the north-northwest of the Club House. This is the terrain across which the second Battle on Snowshoes was fought, with the final positions of the opponents ending up approximately where the Club House now stands. Obviously, in 1758 this would have been densely wooded old growth forest.

The restaurant is not far past the Rogers Rock Campground on the left-hand side. Our reservation is for 7:30pm.

The view from The View Looking north across Lake George toward the back side of Roger's Rock.

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